Cutting-edge technology for state-of-the-art botulinum toxin injections


Discover the Juvapen, our latest product especially for botulinum toxin injections.

Thanks to unparalleled precision, customers show significantly better results and fewer side effects. The Juvapen enables simple injection of microdoses in difficult injection sites.

Overdosing is not possible and up to 30% of botulinum toxin can be saved.

What are the advantages of Juvapen?

- significant decreased top-up rate

- pain intensity reduced by 69%

- fewer side effects compared to manual syringes

- satisfaction rate of 98%



Botox Hamburg with Juvapen


"I use Juvapen every day in my clinic, because the treatment is less painful. This technique allows me to use the smallest needles available ("invisible needles") and is more efficient, more precise and therefore delivers exactly predictable results".

My customers love Juvapen!"

schön skincare by Peter Tuguntke, Hamburg